Young Drug Offenders Expungement

New Jersey has special Expungement Rules for young drug offenders who wish to clear their record.

In order to get the Young Drug Offenders Expungement it must be not less than one year after conviction, termination of probation or parole or discharge from custody, whichever is later. The charge could only be for possession or use of drugs, or sale or distribution of certain amounts of Hashish or Marijuana. If you were charged with sale or distribution you only qualify, if the Marijuana sold, distributed or possessed was 25 grams or less or Hashish less than 5 grams. At the time of the offense you must have been 21 or younger. You must also have completed the terms of their probation without any problems and not have been arrested before or after the offense.

If you think you are eligible and want more information call our office at (856) 235-0220.

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