Katherine Hartman named Chair of the Board of Trustees for Lawyer’s Fund for Client Protection for Second Year

Formerly known as the Clients’ Security Fund, the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection has served the same noble purpose since its creation more than 45 years ago: To reimburse clients in those rare instances when a lawyer betrays a client’s trust by misappropriating funds. The Fund operates under the direction of a volunteer, seven-member, Board of Trustees. The five lawyers and two non-lawyers are appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court and each member serves a 5-year term.

One dishonest lawyer can cause significant harm to law clients and also to the reputation of the Bar. The Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection is often the only means available to reimburse victims when this aberrant behavior occurs. New Jersey lawyers can be proud because the Supreme Court and the Bar are committed to protect the public against lawyer theft by maintaining a healthy and a responsive Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection. It is good for the public and good for the Bar, serving both in the highest tradition of the New Jersey Judiciary.

New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund For Client Protection Hughes Justice Complex 25 Market St., PO Box 961 Trenton, NJ 08625-0961 For more information, visit www.njcourts.com/cpf Or call us: Claims and Billing: 855-533-FUND (3863) Fax: 609-394-3637 LFCP.mailbox@njcourts.gov

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