Katherine Hartman receives Martin Haines Award

Katherine Hartman accepted the Martin Haines Award on Thursday evening, April 13, 2027. The Haines Award is the highest honor of the Burlington County Bar Association. The criteria for the award is as follows:

a. Attitude, demeanor, and relationship between the recipient and
the general public, fellow members of the Bar and the Judiciary;
b. Quality of performance as a judge and/or lawyer;
c. Nature of public service, whether elected, volunteer, pro bono,
d. Respect commanded by fellow members of the Association, the
Bar and the Judiciary;
e. Participation in philanthropic or civic activities; and
f. Advancement of issues of public concern and of legal scholarship.

Ms. Hartman is the youngest winner of the award and the first daughter of a prior recipient (Francis J. Hartman) to be recognized.

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